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Alpharetta Big Creek Greenway Extension Plans

Webb Bridge to Marconi Drive Map

While searching for new information on the Big Creek Greenway extensions, I came across this site that contains drafts of a plan to extend the Alpharetta section of the greenway from Webb Bridge Road to Marconi Drive.

The most interesting drawing I could find was this one that actually shows the path the trail would take (pdf).  I’m not sure if LDI-Line Construction has been selected for this segment, or if these are plans drawn up for a bid on the construction.

Whether or not LDI-Line has received the project, it is always nice to see plans on paper that move the Alpharetta and Forsyth sections of the trail closer to connecting.

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  • Jeff, do you know what is happening with all the cutting of the trees along Kimball Bridge and also that huge swath of clear cutting from behind Alpharetta HS to the offices? It's so upsetting for those of us who expect to find some tranquillity and solace on the Greenway. Any insights you have would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Hey Jeff, I work off of Keith Bridge road, east of the GA 400, and would like to run the Greenway while on my way home to NE Cobb County. I've run the Alpharetta portion of the Greenway before (YMCA at North Point Parkway), but wanted to know how to get to a parking area, or commercial parking lot, that would be near the Forsyth Greenway on my way home, going south on GA 400. Any suggestions?

  • The construction is underway. They started excavation work with the trench reinforcements at the site of the Webb Bridge underpass.

  • Posted garmin data from run on construction trail today. I ran up to first bridge, did not cross creek but construction continued on other side.