The Big Creek Greenway

Pictures of Green Heron Nests Added

Green Heron Staring Down

I was able to get out on the Greenway Tuesday with my camera to get some pictures of the Green Heron nests just South of Haynes Bridge. There were fewer in the nests than the day before, though that could have been attributed to the heat of the day. Enjoy the pictures!

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  • I don;t think those are green herons. I had a good look at the adults one day and believe they might be "yellow-crowned night heron." Also consider "black-crowned night heron."

  • Were you able to get pictures of the adults? According to the map on this page (, it would be unusual for the Yellow Crowned Night Heron to nest in North Georgia. Though after finding some pictures of the chicks, they are very similar, so it could be.