The Big Creek Greenway

New Park in Forysth County Adds Entrance to Forsyth County Big Creek Greenway

Fowler Park Plans

Fowler Park, near Castleberry Road on Highway 9, was scheduled to open this month.  Rain and delays have pushed the opening back, but it is now on track to open in February.  The new 85 acre park, comparable in size to Central Park (the one in Forsyth County, not Manhattan), will add parking within walking access of the Big Creek Greenway.  The path to the Greenway will not open immediately with the park, as construction on it started later.

The park also features quite a few amenities, including baseball, softball, football, soccer and lacrosse fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, walking trails, a track, pavilions, a large playground and five-acre passive area.  If that wasn’t enough, the park will also include a skate park designed by Wally Hollyday.

We will keep you posted on when exactly the park opens, as well as when the trail head will open allowing access to the Big Creek Greenway.

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  • Thanks for this update. I love the Greenway (am on it regularly for my morning runs). I'm excited about this new area opening up. Love your blog!

  • Several people I know are interested in knowing if the Dog Park is opening.. I currently drive 17 miles to get to an off leash dog park. This one is 2.5 miles from my house.... I am really looking forward to it.

  • @MG - A few of the park’s features are still in progress and will open in the near future. The trail head for the Big Creek Greenway is scheduled to be completed March 2. The park’s track is slated for completion in April, and the 1.5-acre dog park is scheduled to open in May.