Jeff has lived in the North Atlanta Metro Area for most of his life. Growing up in Lilburn, GA, he has been a fan of hiking, biking, and boating since he was little. Now he lives with his wife and two sons in Cumming, GA. He walks the Forsyth Big Creek Greenway regularly and bikes it occasionally.

One response to “Kid-friendly Bike Ride at Big Creek Greenway Alpharetta and Fitness Walk in Forsyth”

  1. Bruce Watson

    The Big Creek Greenway is a great park resource for Forsyth. However, it looks like not nearly enough parking or Greenway access points are available. Sunday 02/20 the Bethelview trailhead was full and cars parked up and down the road on the shoulders of Bethelview. Also cars were parked on the shoulder where Castleberry intersects Hwy 9. I think it is just a matter of time before we have an accident with people trying to create parking spaces. As spring arrives this situation will just get worse.

    I live in Vickery and have tried riding my bike the 1-mile to where the Greenway intersects Majors road. Unfortunately the cars do not abide by the 35 mph speed limit and I did not feel safe. There is lots of parking at the Vickery Village. Do you know if anyone has looked at a walking/bike path from Vickery, down Majors Road to the Greenway? This one-mile stretch has a nice wide shoulder that would easily accommodate a walking/bike path. This seems to be a very cost effective way to add parking and access to the Greenway.

    Please let me know your thoughts, and whom you might suggest I contact about adding access to the Greenway from Vickery.


    Bruce Watson
    (Phone # Removed)

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