Jeff has lived in the North Atlanta Metro Area for most of his life. Growing up in Lilburn, GA, he has been a fan of hiking, biking, and boating since he was little. Now he lives with his wife and two sons in Cumming, GA. He walks the Forsyth Big Creek Greenway regularly and bikes it occasionally.

5 responses to “Update on the Greenway Connection”

  1. William Klausmeyer

    I am a HUGE proponent of this project (and the Beltway project).

    Please add me to whatever list you need to so that I can be notified of meetings and ways to lend support.

  2. john ashe

    same here, what William K. said.

    i haven’t read the full article yet but i’m guessing that the golf course there is what’s in the way.

    would like to know about any updated news on this.

  3. Paul M

    I love the Big Creek Greenway. I started going a couple of months ago to walk and run. I do have the following observations and questions.

    I generally start at the entrance off North Point Parkway where the YMCA is. I noticed that the bathrooms are locked with the exception of the weekends. Is this permanent? Not sure I follow the logic. Perhaps budget cuts?

    Why are theree no drinking fountains? Not a problem usually, but sometimes I exhaust my supply if it is hot.

    Bicycles are exceeding the 15 MPH. This wouldn’t be a real problem, but most of the riders do not shout “On Your Left” when approaching. I stay as far to the right as possible because of this.

  4. Vinny B

    Does anyone have any updates on this? I’ve heard rumors that the project has been put on hold – for 5+ years or more. Is this true? If so, maybe we can get Alpharetta/Fulton County to build a wide sidewalk on McGuiness Ferry Road to McFarland Pkwy so we can ride safely between Greenways. That 1 mile section of road has no shoulder and cars regulary travel 50 mph+….it would be VERY unsafe to travel on bicycle.

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