Jeff has lived in the North Atlanta Metro Area for most of his life. Growing up in Lilburn, GA, he has been a fan of hiking, biking, and boating since he was little. Now he lives with his wife and two sons in Cumming, GA. He walks the Forsyth Big Creek Greenway regularly and bikes it occasionally.

3 responses to “Signs of a Black Bear Seen Near Highway 9”

  1. Bubblmom

    We were traveling south on I-85 (just north of Duluth) on Saturday around 2 pm and a small black bear jumped over the barrier and out onto the highway. He looked startled at all the traffic and then jumped back over the barrier. Poor thing, I hope he didn’t get hurt!

  2. Hoosierdaddy

    haven’t seen this reported anywhere or seen on the web but Laurel Springs and Deerlake Neighborhood had black bear sighting Sept 15 and 16, respectively. This is McGinnis and 141 area. Perhaps the same Yogi bear. Doesn’t big creek run up through there toward Big Creek Elementary?

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